We provide legal assistance in Italy to foreign businesses and cross-border e-commerce.

Buon Giorno!

My name is Paulina, I am an attorney-at-law and I founded Bit.Fairly, a law firm that helps online and foreign entrepreneurs navigate legal matters in Italy. The mission of Bit.Fairly is to share awareness on how to use new technologies safely and responsibly.

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legal services in italy

Bit.Fairly – who do we work for?

law firm in italy

What services does Bit.Fairly provide?

Legal services for e-ecommerce in Italy

Legal GDPR and Privacy compliance

Legal services for business in Italy

New Tech in Italy

Bit.Fairly – three rules:

Starting e-commerce in italy

The principle of fair play according to Bit.Fairly


A step ahead!

In addition to essential requirement of making online business legally compliant Bit.Fairly takes care of Ethical Aspects in Relations between a business and consumers, environment and employees.


Why is it important to play fair?

The principle of fair play is crucial for e-commerce due to the lack of physical contact between the client and “the store” meaning that any “the face” to face to contact is substituted with online dealing of goods and services along with transaction. It incurs the obligation to communicate in clear, simple and direct manner with the clients.


Being fair is a value!

Now you know, why the name of our law firm includes “Fair”. Fairness is a quality that is grown through active effort and intention. By making legal communication clear we want to contribute towards a better understanding of your rights and obligations.